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Societe Des Huiles Et Derives S.A.L

SHD is an oilseed extraction plant and refinery in Lebanon, operating a dedicated port in the Mediterranean. SHD is a regional provider of high-quality vegetable oil and animal feed ingredients.
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Year founded in Lebanon

1000 tons

of soybean daily

250 tons

of vegetable oil daily


Our Mission

Providing high-quality products for regional markets while maintaining the best standards of trade.

SHD Quality


Consistently meeting our clients’ standards by producing quality products sourced from top oilseed growers in the USA, Brazil, & Argentina.

SHD Large Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity

Ensuring all regional clients’ needs are met with our storage capacity of 100,000 tons for grains & meal and 20,000 tons of liquid storage.

SHD Large Production Capabilities

Production Capabilities

Large production capabilities to cater to our regional clients.

Soya Bean Meal

High Protein Soybean Meal (46% min.)
SHD produces high protein soybean meals used by animal feed compounders to feed chicken and livestock. The soybean meal is considered one of the main sources of protein in the feeding process of farm animals and its feeding value is unrivaled by any other plant protein source. SHD sells the soymeal in bulk for local markets or for export.


Refined Soybean Oil

Produced from the highest quality of soybeans, SHD extracts edible soy oil to be used in frying, cooking, and salads. Soy Oil is known for its benefits in terms of controlling cholesterol levels, boosting bone health, improving vision, and protecting the skin from damage. The product is sold in bulk locally or exported to regional clients.


Crude Degummed Soybean Oil

The degummed Soybean oil is a high source of linoleic acid that acts as an antioxidant. It could be used in human nutrition after refinement and hydrogenation or in the production of paints, varnishes, resins, and plastics. The produce is sold in bulk locally or exported to regional clients.


Refined Sunflower Oil

SHD Produces refined sunflower oil to be used as cooking oil.
Produced from the finest Sunflower Seeds, the refined Sunflower Oil is the perfect cooking companion. It is considered a high source of Vitamin E responsible for improving skin health and regenerating cells. Sunflower Oil is also low on saturated fats and helps reduce cholesterol content. Sunflower Oil is sold in bulk locally or exported to regional clients.



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